CV Creation

Need a CV for your job hunt? Provide any and all information for your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to us, and have it organized, sorted, and formatted into a document that will be ready to submit to employers or institutions.

CV Reformat

Have a CV that's very outdated, difficult to read, or just an eyesore?  Provide your old CV to us with any new information and have it organized, sorted, and formatted into a document that will be ready to submit to employers or institutions.

Resumé Creation

Need a one-page resumé to submit to an employer? Provide your most pertinent information and we will create a one-page resumé with your professional highlights ready to submit to employers or institutions.

Portfolio Creation

Have an amalgamation of media, projects, or writings that you want to access in one place? Provide your work and we can help you create an organized online portfolio to access for personal use or display to the world.

Brand Kit

Need a color scheme or design idea for your professional documents or website? Provide your preferences, and we will create you a color scheme with hex codes, text-based logo, and design options for your document headers or websites.

Website Creation

Need a place online to share what you have to offer? In partnership with you, we can help create a custom website to suit your needs. This includes securing a custom domain name.

Digital Business Card

Need a business card or way to share your contact information? With your relevant information and we can provide the following services:


Need a logo to represent you or your business? In partnership with our outside artist, you can get a completely customizable logo made for you or your company.

Email Overhaul

Is your email inbox a disaster? We will organize, label, and smart filter your inbox to make it easier to manage. We will even unsubscribe from all those pesky mailing lists. Just let us know what is important to you and what is not!

Email Transfer

Is your email with an out-of-date provider or do you just want a new address that better suits your needs? We will create your new email, forward and organize your new inbox, and let your old contacts know you have changed addresses.

Google Drive Overhaul

Is your Google Drive a disorganized mess? Leave it to us to label unknown files, make folders, and upload anything you want saved to the cloud. Your Google Drive will become the best resource instead of a huge headache!

EPK Package

Need a complete overhaul on your online professional presence? The EPK (Electronic Press Kit) package which will include a customizable assortment of all the services we offer. Pricing depends on services chosen.

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